Denise Levertov – Sojourns In The Parallel World

Denise Levertov (October 24, 1923 - December 20, 1997) We live our lives of human passions, cruelties, dreams, concepts, crimes and the exercise of virtue in and beside a world devoid of our preoccupations, free from apprehension—though affected, certainly, by our actions. A world parallel to our own though overlapping. We call it “Nature”; only …

Ruby Archer – In Cloudy Weather

Ruby Archer (January 28, 1873 - January 23, 1961) Where is my halcyon blue? The grudging sky is overcast. Where is my dowering sun? A glory past. Nay, soul, thy daily sky Unfading spirit light must win, Dark days thy sunshine glow Ah bright within!