Directory For Wise Poets


AE Stallings – Another Lullaby for Insomniacs

Ada Limón – The End Of Poetry

Adam Clay – A Joke About How Old We’ve Become

Adrienne Rich – Sending Love

Adrienne Rich – What Kind Of Times Are These

Aimee Nezhukumatathil – One Vote

Ajay Kumar – An Index Of Visitors

Alan Harawitz – Born Too Late

Alan Harawitz – Finding Religion

Alan Harawitz – My Old Man

Albert Haley – Barcelona

Albert Katz – Hitting 70

Alberto Alvaro Rios – When Giving Is All We Have

Alejandra Pizarnik – All Night I Hear The Noise Of Water Sobbing

Alejandro Escudé – Bed Sheets (Moving Out After Separation)

Alex Dimitrov – More

Alfred Lord Tennyson – Flower in the Crannied Wall

Alison Luterman – Fog

Alison Luterman – Some Girls

Allen Ginsberg – Five A.M.

Allen Ginsberg – Kaddish

Ama Codjoe – Of Being Sick and Tired

Amanda Gorman – At the Age of 18 – Ode to Girls of Color

Amanda Gorman – Chorus of the Captains

Amanda Gorman – The Hill We Climb

Andrea Hollander – Premonition

Anis Mojgani – Once, In November

Ann Tweedy – Vanishing Point

Anna Belle Kaufman – Cold Solace

Anna Scotti – Whisk

Anne Porter – Old In The City

Anne Sexton – Song For A Lady

Anne Sexton – The Sun

Anne Sexton – Welcome Morning

Annie Kim – Eros the Contagion

Aracelis Girmay – You Are Who I Love

Aria Aber – Afghan Funeral In Paris

Arielle Moss – Damn, You’re Tiny

Arthur Rimbaud – My Bohemian Life

Audre Lorde – The Bees

Austin Smith – The Hotel

Barbara Crooker – Listen

Barbara Crooker – Poem With An Embedded Line By Susan   Cohen

Barbara Crooker – Tomorrow

Barbara Goldberg – Miracle Of Bubbles

Barbara Kingsolver – How to Survive This

Barbara Lydecker Crane – Mother And Child

Barbara Ras – Washing The Elephant

Barbara Ras – You Can’t Have It All

Bartholomew Griffin – Fair Is My Love

Ben Johnson – A Celebration Of Charis

Beverley Bie Brahic – Apple Thieves

Billy Collins – Aimless Love

Billy Collins – As If To Demonstrate An Eclipse

Billy Collins – Dharma

Billy Collins – Forgetfulness

Billy Collins – I Love You

Billy Collins – Table Talk

Bob Hicok – A Night Out

Brenda Shaughnessy – I Wish I Had More Sisters


CK Williams – Exhaust

CL O’Dell – Peony

Caki Wilkinson – Elvis Week

Camille Rankine – Emergency Management

Camille Rankine – Inheritance

Carl Dennis – A Maxim

Carl Phillips – Pale Colors in a Tall Field

Cat Richardson – Northeast Corridor

Catherine Bowman – The Sink

Chana Bloch – Swimming in the Rain

Chana Bloch – War And Peace

Charles Bukowski – The Way It Is Now

Charles Harper Webb – Examined Life

Charles Simic – Clouds Gathering

Charles Simic – Preachers Warn

Charles Simic- The Saint

Charles Simic – The Week

Christian Wiman – I Don’t Want To Be A Spice Store

Christina Rossetti – The Rainbow

Cindy King – When Your Mother Asks If You’re Seeing Anyone

Claudia Serea – Parallel Heavens

Clint Margrave – When Death Travels

Clive James – Season To Season

Connie Wanek – Old Duluth

Czesław Miłosz – Café

Dan Chiasson – Father And Son

Danez Smith – Poem Where I Be & You Just Might

Dante Alighieri – Excerpt From Inferno, Canto I

Danusha Laméris – Dust

Danusha Laméris – Fictional Characters

Danusha Laméris – Small Kindnesses

Danusha Laméris – Twin Strangers

David Biespiel – Men Waiting For A Train

David Budbill – The First Green of Spring

David Budbill – The Three Goals

David Kirby – More Than This

David Mason – Fathers And Sons

David St. John – Without Mercy, The Rains Continued

David Wagoner – Lost

David Whyte – The Journey

Deborah Digges – The Transmigration of Souls

Denise Levertov – Sojourns In The Parallel World

Denise Levertov — The Secret

Derek Jarman – To Whom It May Concern

Derek Walcott – Bleecker Street, Summer

Derek Walcott – Love After Love

Derek Walcott – The Light Of The World

Diane Di Prima – Song for Baby-O, Unborn

Donald Hall – Bangers and Mash

Donald Hall – Gold

Donald Hall – The Things

Dorianne Laux – Antilamentation

Dorianne Laux – Juneau

Dorianne Laux – Lord Of The Flies

Dorianne Laux – Mother’s Day

Dylan Thomas – Shall God Be Said To Thump The Clouds

dg nanouk okpik – A Year Dot


EE Cummings – I Like My Body When It is With Your

EE Cummings – humanity I love you

Eavan Boland – Eviction

Eavan Boland – The Fire Gilder

Edger Allan Poe – A Dream Within A Dream

Edna St. Vincent Millay – I Shall Forget You Presently, My Dear

Edna St. Vincent Millay – When You, That At This Moment Are    To Me

Edward Hirsch – To D.B.

Elizabeth Acevedo – Ode to the Head Nod

Elizabeth Alexander – Butter

Elizabeth Barrett Browning – Sonnet 43

Elizabeth Bishop – At The Fishhouses

Elizabeth Bishop – One Art

Elizabeth Bishop – Poem

Ella Wheeler Wilcox – Protest

Ella Wheeler Wilcox – Solitude

Ellen Bass – Because 

Ellen Bass – The Thing Is

Ellen Bryant Voigt – Roof

Emily Brontë – Remembrance

Emily Dickinson – A Light Exists In Spring

Emily Dickinson – As Imperceptibly As Grief

Emily Dickinson – Grief Is A Mouse

Emily Dickinson – I Heard A Fly Buzz…

Emily Dickinson – Nature

Emily Dickinson – This Is My Letter To The World

Emily Dickinson — The Only News I Know

Emily Dickinson – Under The Light, Yet Under

Emma Lazarus – The New Colossus

Eric Weinstein – The View From Atlantis

Erika L Sánchez – Instructions For Living

Eunice Odio – W.C.W.

Faith Shearin – Adam Naming the Animals

Faith Shearin – Turtle in the Road

Fleur Adcock – Weathering

Francesca Bell – Spring

Frank Bidart – Visions At 74

Frank Delancy – Where Do Poems Come From

Frank Ormsby – The Butterfly House


Gabrielle Calvocoressi – Jubilee

Gabrielle Otero – Self-Portrait, Despite What They Say

Galway Kinnell – Insomniac

Galway Kinnell – When One Has Lived a Long Time Alone

Geoffrey Chaucer – The Prologue to the Canterbury Tales

Gerald Stern – June First Blossoms Of Spring

Gerald Stern – Warbler

Giacomo Leopardi – From “Broom”

Gil Broxson – After Fifty Years

Gillian Wegener – Letter to My Husband Far Away

Glyn Maxwell – The Ledge

Grace Paley – Here

Gregory Loselle – The Whole Of Him Collected

Hafizah Geter – Naming Ceremony

Harold Maine – The Hour Of Man

Harryette Mullen – We Are Not Responsible

Hart Crane – At Melville’s Tomb

Henri Cole – Daffodils

Henri Cole – Sphere

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow – The Cross Of Snow

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow – The Tide Rises, the Tide Falls

Howard Nemerov – Figures Of Thought


JR Solonche – The Clouds

JR Solonche – The Lover of Stone

Jabari Asim – Some Call It God

Jackleen Holton – A Hard Lump

James Broughton – Wondrous The Merge

James Crews – Telling My Father

James Kavanaugh – There Are Men Too Gentle To Live Among Wolves

James Ragan – Taming The Sloth

Jane Ebihara – Last Kiss

Jane Hirshfield – Advice To Myself

Jane Hirshfield – After Work

Jane Hirshfield – Ants’ Nest

Jane Hirshfield – For What Binds Us

Jane Hirshfield – I Wanted To Be Surprised

Jane Hirshfield – Jasmine

Jane Hirshfield – Mountainal

Jane Hirshfield – Optimism

Jane Hirshfield – The Weighing

Jane Hirshfield – Today, Another Universe

Jane Hirshfield – Washing Doorknobs

Jane Kenyon – At A Motel Near O’Hare Airport

Jane Kenyon – Having It Out With Melancholy

Jasmin Roberts – Self-Selection For Preservation

Jeffrey McDaniel – Wooden Bench

Jennifer Chang – Obedience, Or The Lying Tale

Jenny Joseph – Warning

Jericho Brown – Say Thank You Say I’m Sorry

Jessica Cohn – Spring

Jim Whiteside – Figs

Jimmy Pappas – Let Me Go, She Said

Jo McDougall – Straightpins

Joanna Klink – The Processional

John Freeman – Weight

John L. Stanizzi – Cardinals

Jorge Luis Borges – The Moon

Joy Harjo – Eagle Poem

Joy Harjo – Praise the Rain

Joy Harjo – Remember

Joyce Carol Oates – This Is Not A Poem

Joyce Sutphen – Tango for Ellie

Joyce Sutphen – The Art of Revision

Joyce Sutphen – The Poem of Your Life

Julia Kasdorf – What I Learned From My Mother

Julia de Burgos – Julia de Burgos

Julia de Burgos – Poema Para Mi Muerte (Poem For My Death)

Julie Cadwallader Staub – Blackbirds

Julie Cadwallader Staub – Remember

Julie Kane – Used Book


Kahlil Gibran – Said A Sheet Of Snow-White Paper

Kahlil Gibran – Defeat

Kamilah Aisha Moon – Storm

Karen Benke – After The Affair

Karen Moulton – It’s Getting Late

Kate Slaughter McKinney – My Cloud

Katie Ford – November Philosophers

Katherine Anne Porter – Wild Geese Alighting on a Lake

Kenneth Patchen – As We Are So Wonderfully Done

Kim Addonizio – Ex-Boyfriends

Kim Addonizio – Sestina: Writing

Kim Addonizio – Stay

Kim Addonizio – Ways Of Being Lonely

Kim Addonizio – What Do Women Want?

Kristene Kaye Brown – For the Woman on Main Street Stopping to Pull Up Her Pantyhose

Kurt Vonnegut – Joe Heller

Langston Hughes – Song for a Dark Girl

Langston Hughes – The Weary Blues

Laura Foley – One Day

Laura Foley – What the Dead Miss

Léo Dangel – Memoriam

Leonard Cohen – Going Home

Leonard Cohen – Light As The Breeze

Letitia Elizabeth Landon – Home

Linda France – Murmuration

Linda Pastan – The Bookstall

Linda Pastan – The Gardener

Lisel Mueller – A Prayer For Rain

Lisel Mueller – Hope

Lisel Mueller – Immortality

Lisel Mueller – In Passing

Lisel Mueller – Late Hours

Louis Jenkins – The Couple

Louise Glück – Averno

Louise Glück – Song

Louise Glück – Walking At Night

Louise Jenkins – The Speaker

Lucille Clifton – Lorena

Lucille Clifton – Poem to My Yellow Coat


Maggie Smith – Bride

Marcia F Brown – When I Look at the Old Car

Margaret Atwood – Bored

Margaret Atwood – Dearly

Margaret Atwood – Flatline

Marge Piercy – Limited But Fertile Possibilities

Marge Piercy – To Be Of Use

Marge Piercy – The End Of Days

Marge Piercy – The Low Road

Marge Piercy – The New Year of the Trees

Maria Wisława Anna Szymborska – Possibilities

Marie Howe – Singularity

Marilyn Nelson – The Children’s Moon

Marissa Davis – Singularity

Mark Doty – Pescadero

Mark Jarman – Interesting Times

Mark Strand – Dreams

Mark Strand – When The Vacation Is Over For Good

Martin Steingesser – This Longing

Márton Kálasz – Legacy

Mary Dow Brine – Somebody’s Mother

Mary Jo Salter – Complaint For Absolute Divorce

Mary Oliver – Needing A Prod: The Fourth Sign Of The Zodiac

Mary Oliver – One Or Two Things

Mary Oliver – The Journey

Mary Oliver – When I Am Among The Trees

Mary Oliver – Wild Geese

Matthew Dickman – King

Matthew Dickman – Stroke

Maxine Kumin – Custodian

Maxine Scates – Limbo

May Sarton – Rinsing The Eye

May Sarton – Snow Fall

Maya Angelou – A Brave And Startling Truth

Maya Angelou – Phenomenal Woman

Maya Angelou – The Pulse Of Morning

Meena Alexander – Krishna, 3:29 A.M.

Meghan O’Rourke – Apartment Living

Melissa Andres – Arrival

Michael Harty – Mantra

Michael Mark – A Daily Practice

Michael T Young – The One In Power

Michele Graaff Channel 37

Michelle Boisseau – The Obstinate Comedy

Naomi Long Madgett – Anniversary Song

Naomi Long Madgett – Without

Naomi Shihab Nye – So Much Happiness

Naomi Shihab Nye – The Traveling Onion

Naomi Shihab Nye – World Of The Future, We Thirsted

Natalie Diaz – Lake-Loop

Natalie Diaz – My Brother at 3 A.M.

Natalie Diaz – The Facts of Art

Natasha Trethewey – Incident

Neil Gaiman – After Silence

Nikki Giovanni – Beautiful Black Men

Nikki Giovanni – Cotton Candy On A Rainy Day

Nikki Giovanni – Love

Nikki Giovanni – My First Memory (Of Librarians)

Nikki Giovanni – Resignation

Nina Simone – Four Women

Notozake Shange – My Father Is A Retired Magician


Octavio Paz – Letter of Testimony Cantata

Oliver de la Paz – In Defense of Small Towns

Pablo Neruda – Emerging

Pablo Neruda – I Like It When You’re Silent

Pablo Neruda – Keeping Quiet

Pablo Neruda – Poetry

Pablo Neruda – The Citizen

Pablo Neruda – XCIV If I Die

Pablo Neruda – XVII I Do Not Love You

Patricia Carroll Mathes – Another Lovely Day

Patricia Carroll-Mathes – How Did I Know

Pattiann Rogers – Opus from Space

Paul Kane – Time Was

Paul Lawrence Dunbar – Ships That Pass in the Night

Phillip B. Williams – Final Poem For My Father Misnamed In My Mouth

Percy Bysshe Shelly – The Cloud

Philip Bryant – Miles: Prince Of Darkness

Philip Levine – Belle Isle, 1949

Philip Levine – Fear And Fame

Philip Levine – They Feed They Lion

Philip Levine – What Work Is

Philip Schultz – The Big Sleep

Phillis Wheatley – Imagination

Priscilla Denise Levertov – Clouds


Rabindranath Tagore – Clouds And Waves

Rabindranath Tagore – Joy

Rachel Eliza Griffiths – Heart Of Darkness

Rachel Galvin – The Real Thing

Rachel Hadas – Only So Much

Rafaella Del Bourgo – Tasmania

Rainer Maria Rilke – The Duino Elegies I

Rainer Maria Rilke – The Duino Elegies II

Rainer Maria Rilke – The Duino Elegies III

Rainer Maria Rilke – The Duino Elegies IV

Rainer Maria Rilke – The Duino Elegies V

Rainer Maria Rilke – The Duino Elegies VI

Rainer Maria Rilke – The Duino Elegies VII

Rainer Maria Rilke – The Duino Elegies VIII

Rainer Maria Rilke – The Duino Elegies IX

Rainer Maria Rilke – The Duino Elegies X

Raymond Carver – Loafing

Raymond Carver – Still Looking Out for Number One

Rebecca Elson – Antidotes To The Fear Of Death

Rebecca Rainof – Spring

Rebekah Miron – Celebrity

Red Hawk – The Never-Ending Serial

Regina Spektor – Theories Of Everything

Reginald Dwayne Betts – At The End Of Life, A Secret

Reginald Dwayne Betts – Essay On Reentry

Reginald Dwayne Betts – If Absence Was the Source of Silence

Richard Blanco – My Father In English

Richard Jones – The Loft

Richard Wilbur – Ecclesiastes 11:1

Richard Cecil – Where Am I?

Rita Dove – Pedestrian Crossing, Charlottesville

Robert Bly – I Have Daughters, I Have Sons

Robert Bly – Listening to the Koln Concert

Robert Bly – Poem

Robert Frost – A Time to Talk

Robert Frost – Meeting and Passing

Robert Wrigley – I Like The Wind

Robert Wrigley – Why Should There Be Stars?

Robin Coste Lewis – Paramount

Rod McKuen – Absolutes

Ron Padgett – A Small Glass of Orange Juice

Ron Padgett – Hug

Ron Padgett – The Center of Gravity

Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer – The Afternoon the World Health Organization Declared the Pandemic

Ross Gay – A Small Needful Fact

Ross Gay – Poem To My Child

Ross Gay – Wedding Poem

Ruby Archer – In Cloudy Weather

Rudyard Kipling – The Explorer

Sadiqullah Khan – Dark Clouds

Saeed Jones – A Stranger

Sara Lupita Olivares – Towards

Sarah P. Strong – After 75 Years, She Finally Gets Angry

Sarah Browning – The Fifth Fact

Sean Kelbley –Cheer

Sharon Olds – Diagnosis

Sharon Olds – I Cannot Say I Did Not

Sharon Olds – The Sisters of Sexual Treasure

Sophie Cabot Black – Private Equity

Stanley Moss – I’m Sorry

Stephen Dunn – A Secret LifeStephen Dunn – Discrepancies

Stephen Dunn –Tenderness

Sue Ellen Thompson – Leaning In

Susan Browne – Bonanza

Susan Browne – Chance Meeting


T.S. Eliot – Burnt Norton

Tadeusz Dąbrowski – Sentence

Tadeusz Różewicz – In the Midst of Life

Tanya Chernov – Someone Else’s Wet Styrofoam

Tao Writer – Always Another Mountain

Tao Writer – Don’t Get Old

Tao Writer – I Want

Tao Writer – Indigo Blues

Tao Writer – Memento Mori (Remember You Will Die)

Tao Writer – Moments

Tao Writer – Presence

Tao Writer – Stand Undiminished – The Poem

Tao Writer – The Crushing Weight Of GoodBye

Tao Writer – Three O’clock In The Morning

Ted Kooser – A Pretty Pass

Ted Kooser – A Rainy Morning

Ted Kooser – At the Cancer Clinic

Ted Kooser – Splitting An Order

Ted Thomas Jr – Baptism

Terrance Hayes – Pseudacris Crucifer

Tess Gallagher – Ambition

Toi Derricotte – I Give In To An Old Desire

Toi Derricotte – The Great Beauty

Tony Hoagland – The Third Dimension

Traci Brimhall – Love Poem Without A Drop Of Hyperbole In It

Tracy K Smith – Alternate Take: Levon Helm

Tracy K Smith – Einstein’s Mother

Tracy K. Smith – The Everlasting Self

Tracy K Smith – The Man Who Owned Me

Tracy K Smith – Time

Tracy K. Smith – We Feel Now A Largeness Coming On

Twyla Hansen – Trying To Pray

Vijay Seshadri – Thought Problem

Vijay Seshadri – Visiting San Francisco

Virgil Suárez – Bad Sons Anonymous


WH Auden – After Reading A Child’s Guide To Modern Physics

WH Auden – As I Walked Out One Evening

WH Auden – The More Loving One

WS Di Piero – Aubade

WS Merwin – Berryman

WS Merwin – Elegy for a Walnut Tree

WS Merwin – Just Now

WS Merwin – Thanks

WS Merwin – The Solstice

WS Merwin – The Unwritten

WS Merwin – Young Man Picking Flowers

Wallace Stevens – The Snow Man

Walt Whitman – On The Beach Alone At Night

Walt Whitman – When I Heard The Learn’d Astronomer

Walt Whitman – Whoever You Are Holding Me Now in Hand

Walter Everette Hawkins – Ask Me Why I Love You

Wendell Berry – A Marriage Song

Wendell Berry – A Purification

Wendell Berry – A Questionnaire

Wendell Berry – Before Dark

Wendell Berry – How To Be A Poet

Wendell Berry – Over the Edge

Wendell Berry – The Summer Ends

William Blake – The Fly

William Blake – The Schoolboy

William Butler Yeats Down By the Salley Gardens

William Carlos Williams – The Red Wheel Barrow

William Carlos Williams — The Widow’s Lament In Springtime

William Cullen Bryant – To A Cloud

William Ernest Henley – Invictus

William Evans – I Will Love You Most When I Can Barely Remember Anything

William Stafford – Time for Serenity, Anyone? William Wordsworth – I Have Thoughts That Are Fed By The Sun

William Wordsworth – Surprised By Joy

William Virgil Davis – The Family

William Wordsworth – I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud

Wisława Szymborska – The Ball

Wisława Szymborska – The Moment

Wyn Cooper – Fun

Wyn Cooper – I Trust The Wind And Don’t Know Why


Yesika Salgado – Diaspora Writes To Her New Home

Yi Lei – Flame In The Cloud At Midnight

Yona Harvey – Hurricane

Yusef Komunyakaa – Orpheus At The Second Gate Of Hades